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August 22, 2009


Team U101

It's a great example to use, but I think it might fit better somewhere in Block 4 (Global). And perhaps something to point students to when they're doing the course (I like the 'reframe' that the students make, that fits in well with Problem Framing). Then again it's maybe a link you could put at the end. Thinking about it, it raises an interesting question: How do you get insight from observation? or what is the relationship between insight and observation? There is clearly an observation here (that premature most babies are born in rural places in Nepal) but it was realising that this was significant (or at least significant for the design process) that turned the whole problem around.


Yes, I agree, great example for Block 4, but actually also a great example for Needs of Society. Why should we just stay with the needs in the western society in block 3, I wonder?
Empathy phase - haha, I wonder why this only is a phase, and not an overarching principle?

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