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March 13, 2009



I think this is a great example, in true Papanek spirit, i feel strongly that we should have some examples of this kind of work in our course. Practical Action, a charity whose HQ is in the UK, have many designs of this sort. The ones that stick in mind are a floating garden made of hyacinth roots which can survive even when the rivers flood and a water pump driven by a childrens' roundabout, but there are many more. Community is key in this, however great the idea is, without people sharing what they know diffusion does not happen.

Nicole Schadewitz

Yes, the play-pump roundabout is a great example! There are also examples in South-east Asia, a motorcycle fitted with (I think) a satellite internet access collects and sends of emails while driving from village to village. There was an exhibition in the US that talked about 'Design for the other billion', but some project were actually criticized by the fact that they did not involve local community enough and designs were actually not adopted - 'innovation from within' was clearly missing here.

Nicole Schadewitz

"A cheap solar cooker has won first prize in a contest for green ideas." Great, I thought that idea should be rewarded.

But maybe the reward is really to scale it up.

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