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June 10, 2012



I relate well to Schon's work so appreciated this post. I would add that it is more like a three-way interaction rather than a two-way given that the context is always part and parcel of the design and interaction. I do think design of anything (schools, hospitals, public places) would benefit from a practice based on reflexivity. Recently, I attended a stimulating conference on patient safety and one resident shared that at their hospital, the attending physician had every resident sit in a hospital stretcher for an hour in the hall to feel what it is like to be there and wait in an effort to improve communication and coordination. That's a shift towards reflective practice for me! Imagine if we did this more often when designing...

Derek Jones

That's interesting Carey - I suppose Schon might consider the context to be a relevant part of what needs to be 'reflected' on and incorporated but another interesting way of looking at it might be to see the context as something outside - and the reflection-in-action to be the internal part.

Hmm - might have a a think about that.

And I know what you mean about confronting the contextual realities of what we do as designers - all too often we do not face up to the reality of what we design (and healthcare is a prime example of this in certain areas).

(I might borrow that activity, actually ! )

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