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January 10, 2012


Website Design York

Nice link. I think productivity is the keyword and whatever encourages that should be partof the environment created. Interesting thoughts. Joe


I had forgotten about this article and enjoyed reading it again. I agree with you that good design can absolutely inspire creativity and collaboration but work practices matter as well. Especially in places that have such an embedded way of doing work (classrooms, hospitals, organizations, airports, and so on), which makes re-designs challenging. But can we rethink the way we practice, that is the way we use these spaces, even if the floor plan doesn't change? I think so.

Derek Jones

@Carey I would absolutely agree with you here - in fact (and even speaking as an architect) I really do think that people's behaviour and activity in any space is one of the key factors in defining place.

In fact it might be quite surprising just how much our perception of space is affected by our idea of space...

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