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March 18, 2008


steve garner

There's some excellent critical evaluation of Corb in the old OU course A305 (unit 13 and unit 17 which focuses on Villa Savoye) (1975). I've got a copy in my office if anyone wants to borrow it.

Nigel Cross

Well, I did read it as a student of architecture in the 60s. I remember being impressed, but later thinking that the Modulor was rubbish really. Corb originally based it on the (average?) height of a man (of course!) - but later realised that this was a bit small and revised it to a British man (I remember him writing something about the 'ideal of the English detective'!). So it might well seem pretty outdated now.
But he was certainly an effective propagandist - and his chairs and chaise longue (some say really designed by his collaborator Charlotte Perriand) are stii being sold/bought as iconic furniture.

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