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March 25, 2008


Nigel Cross

Looks like Heathrow T5 system is also in (predictable?) meltdown from day one!


Hi Georgy

I saw this documentary, too. Was impressed not only with the baggage transport but more with the inter terminal transport systems that uses small, driver-less cars that depart whenever a passenger needs it and that use distributed network and sensor technologies to coordinate among each other. And the docu said if they work out they could revolutionize the public transportation sector using personalized transport.

However, when they also seem not to be in use yet. When I flew off T4 last week I ad to wait 40 min for a inter terminal train that takes 4 min!!!!! Imagine I would have been in hurry. Yesterday when I came back they had at least 10 warnings for passengers that need to use T5. Our plain was waiting and parked for an hour somewhere in the airport area that was probably connected to T5 opening and rescheduling of flights.

Regarding the baggage transport, I thought they also had a emergency system employed that used the traditional method. I wonder why they did not use it. But nevertheless it rather seemed a communication between staff and failing feedback from the system in the end. So, of cause, decision to use other means could not be made in an informed way.

T5 is a great case study to discuss innovation uncertainties and risks in the DT course. We should track back all reports and the development of T5 use.

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