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March 11, 2008


Georgy Holden

Some ideas on Global Design:
Mobile Telephony
WWW2 Environments eg Second Life, Facebook and Flickr
Graphic Design e.g CocaCola logo (I have a picture from the middle of nowhere in the Andes of a coke sign)
Pizza (I have never been anywhere (including the Andes) where I could not get Pizza!) it has become a symbol of westernisation and a young lifestyle.

Team U101

The Culture Show on BBC2 had a Design Quest in 2006 to find the best British design (yawn). These were the ones that made the final:

The K2 Telephone Box (Designed by Giles Gilbert Scott)
The World Wide Web (Tim Berners Lee)
The Mini (Alex Issigonis)
Map of the London Underground (Harry Beck)
Grand Theft Auto, Video Game (Rockstar Games)
The Cat's Eye (Percy Shaw)
Tomb Raider, Video Game (Core Design)
Concorde (Hawker-Siddley Aviation)
The Routemaster Bus (Douglass Scott)
The Supermarine Spitfire (Riginald Mitchell)

That would be all men designers then! I like the cat's eye as an example (Society Level?) for it's invisibility. Which reminds me of a Radio 4 programme looking at the National Grid - another design at the Society level.

Nigel Cross

For icons, I was thinking of designs that designers themselves iconisise (if you know what I mean). It's a way into design culture (and all its baggage). I don't think the National Grid has ever been praised for its elegance, etc.! (But maybe it should.)


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