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March 11, 2008


Georgy Holden

I have been thinking about the development of the world wide web and new generations of product and thinking about this. I wonder whether the One per Child laptop might be a good example of design for global needs.. there is also an interesting new £99 laptop about to be launched by Elonex (based in Bromsgrove) aimed at school children. Both initiatives achieve what they do by cutting themselves free of the Window operating system and using freeware. I found an interesting article today about booths in the states called "freedom toasters" where people without broadband access can burn CD/DVDs of free software. Design for democracy?



I read an interesting article yesterday in BusinessWeek>Technology.


Blogging and public participation in building a corporate identity of a company (could be service, design, ...) is argued to be most essential in a global business world. Many interesting examples are cited. Moreover the article was updated with help of bloggers who read the article and commented on it. Interlinking blogs and current ideas discussed in them is seen as more important than the content itself.

I believe students can benefit from blogging as assignments and we can assess the process of design thinking easily.

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